Pre School

AGES 2 - 4 Years

Every child is strong, capable, independent, curious, and full of imagination.  A quality early education program will empower children to think, question, investigate, explore, and help navigate the journey of learning.  As a teacher, my mission is to develop and nurture a child’s love of learning and sense of social and personal responsibility through a curriculum designed to develop the intellectual, spiritual, physical, artistic and academic excellence inherent in each child.

Summer Studio

AGES 5 - 8 Years
  • Atelier modeled studio: each student may address the materials and projects based on their own interests and abilities (older students and younger students will not be expected to complete the same projects)
  • Small group setting, no more than 8 students per week.
  • Students share and discuss their work.
  • Gallery shows at the conclusion of each week.
  • Students build + keep a portfolio of their work.

Learn more about the Reggio Emilia Philosophy

After School

ages 6-12

After school classes allow kids aged 6-12 to keep exercising their creative muscles.