Summer Studio Camp

below is the 2015 schedule and registration


* atelier modeled studio: each student may address the materials and projects based on their own interests and abilities (older students and younger students will not be expected to complete the same projects)
* Small group setting, no more than 8 students per week
* Students share and discuss their work
* Gallery shows at the conclusion of each week
* Students build + keep a portfolio of their work

Monday – Friday  from 9 am-Noon

July 27 – July 31:  Printmaking Studio

Over the week students will explore the world of printmaking-creating images through repetition and transfer of paint and ink. We’ll investigate a range of techniques and use a variety of materials from fabric to papers to wood.

Projects include:

Sunprinting     –    monoprinting     –     Tree ring printing    –     block printing with styrofoam

August 3 – 7: Fabric Studio

Fabric is amazing stuff: we wear it, we sleep in it, we sail with it, and we make art with it. In this class we’ll investigate fabric through drawing, collage, painting, and printmaking. Students will work with a variety of fibers, from wool roving to yarn to silks.  They will get a chance to sew on the machine and by hand, weave and felt.

Projects include:

Stuffied animals   –   Wet felting   –    Bleach painting   –    Shibori Dyeing


August 10- 14:  Sculpture Studio

We will build a body of work including free standing sculptures, assemblages, reliefs, using materials such as wood, clay, paper, Styrofoam, fabric and found objects. Working in 3D is an inspiring way to explore space, form, balance, movement, and can teach you how to view the world from different perspectives.

Projects include:

Wire Figured    –    Paper mache: giant foods     –    Abstracts with wire and fabric    –     Paper  relief

August 17-21:  Drawing  Studio

Drawing Studio is designed for students that love the act of drawing, as well as the drawing tools and materials that go with it. In this class, we will work with a variety of drawing pens, pencils, markers, and inks. Students will also draw on different surfaces, from wood to glass, to create their original pieces.

Projects include:

Nature in oil pastels    –    Inked Fish emphasisizing line    –     Profile self portraits    –    Watercolor castles

 August 24 – 28:    Paint Studio  (THIS WEEK IS NOW FULL!)

During Painting Studio, we delve into painting techniques and experiment with tools and materials.  Students will mix up their own special paints as well as paint on a variety of surfaces. We will explore different ways of applying paint using traditional and non-traditional tools to create portraits, creatures, and abstract pieces.

Projects include:

Monochromatic landscapes    –     Self portraits    –   Psychedelic skies     –     Circle paintings

A snack will be provided!.


Children may be enrolled for one week at a time or for all five studio weeks.

FEE:      $150.00 per week

In order to guarantee a seat payment MUST be received.

you should expect confirmation via email when your registration is complete

Register NOW:

Download the info packet and required forms below:

summer parent pack 2015

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